“An alchemical transmedia quasi-autobiographical magnum opus about occult design patterns for spiritual transcendence.”

Synopsis 🧅

A hacker employed by the world’s largest corporation discovers that the artificial intelligence at the center of it is invisibly taking control of everyone’s minds until he meets a ghost who helps him see everything in a different light.

Project Status 📈

I’ve been actively and deliberately developing the story and plan for this project over the past five years, but it is the culmination of themes and ideas which have been in my notebooks and designs for decades.  I’m posting this article as a placeholder to motivate me to get some first looks of the project online soon and give them a place to hang off of.

Process ⚙️

There is something, I think, very unique about the way this project is manifesting and growing that is different than everything else I’ve ever done or have seen done before.  I’ve written a more detailed article called The Coalescence Method about the deliberate creative psychological framework I devised for the work, which I hope might help others with similar mentality and struggles as myself.