While working on Stranger Aeons, some of the elements used escaped from a crack in the Piger Henricus and manifested in an an invisible vapor which wafted across the laboratory and settled into one of my network packet condensers.

Necrolodeon - "Yenrabaoth"

Yenrabaoth, the demiurge of the Necrolodeon dimension believes that everyone in his false universe loves him without question. He is a changeling and can merge with the denizens of his realm in an ever shifting dance of paranoid confirmation. Do not let him feel your fear.


This is a piece I did exploring the structure and motion of meat processing stages through the lens of an AI model trained on features that were more personal and friendly, like doll faces and gentle palettes/gradients in place of the rather bland raw meat materials.


A piece grappling with the topic of artificial life. Original imagery and music by Wizardhead in conjunction with nascent AI tooling of the early 21st century.


They were offering a special deal on their "The Works" package, which I normally don't get because i always do the detailing to clean up after our messy kids, but it was only $5 extra and it included an "Eldritch Shine" so I had to check it out.