This video was produced by taking timelapse videos of mushrooms growing and then processing them to reference cosmic and alien concepts. I find mushrooms particularly perfect subjects both in concept and in form, especially their growth patterns and this video is an homage to that.


I had tried multiple times to capture the titular fabric softener spokes-bear with my special brand of imaging trickery, but the footage and color palettes and general softness of this little goblin made him among my more difficult catches.

Broken Sunshine

This video came from a need to provide some visuals to a track I produced a few nights ago after being inspired by one of my all time favorite bands Slowdive while listening to some of their older recordings (Shine and Allison come to mind).

The Immortal Madness of Sagazan

This was a brief experiment where I applied the model I developed for Fhtagnisqatsi using a clip of the performance artist Olivier de Sagazan in the film Samsara, where he applies a clay to his head and just attacks and reforms and draws into it wildly and mercilessly.


While working on Stranger Aeons, some of the elements used escaped from a crack in the Piger Henricus and manifested in an an invisible vapor which wafted across the laboratory and settled into one of my network packet condensers.

Necrolodeon - "Yenrabaoth"

Yenrabaoth, the demiurge of the Necrolodeon dimension believes that everyone in his false universe loves him without question. He is a changeling and can merge with the denizens of his realm in an ever shifting dance of paranoid confirmation. Do not let him feel your fear.


This is a piece I did exploring the structure and motion of meat processing stages through the lens of an AI model trained on features that were more personal and friendly, like doll faces and gentle palettes/gradients in place of the rather bland raw meat materials.


A piece grappling with the topic of artificial life. Original imagery and music by Wizardhead in conjunction with nascent AI tooling of the early 21st century.