This was a brief experiment where I applied the model I developed for Fhtagnisqatsi using a clip (view original) of the performance artist Olivier de Sagazan in the film Samsara, where he applies a clay to his head and just attacks and reforms and draws into it wildly and mercilessly. I knew it would come out just horrible but I was really surprised how well it worked.

I only rendered about 45 seconds of it, but it's a fitting tribute to the genius of his original performance. He does a lot of this very rudimentary but highly effective body horror in his performance art and I recommend checking out his other pieces.

A note about the music- I didn't have anything written to go with the render at the time and I really wanted to publish it right away so I sat down and wrote and played this piece in about 20 minutes. I actually really like it's haunting simplicity and chord changes and hope to develop it further. When I do, I might revisit Sagazan or produce a longer piece inspired by him.