The Sentinel

This is a total fantasia of trippy melting reality visuals in synthwave tones. I absolutely love the way the song came out and the video was a real joy to edit together. It just feels like something that would play on a screen at Tech Noir

Broken Sunshine

This video came from a need to provide some visuals to a track I produced a few nights ago after being inspired by one of my all time favorite bands Slowdive while listening to some of their older recordings (Shine and Allison come to mind).


I wrote this track back about 10 years ago on my iPhone using Garageband and just recently found the file in an old backup, so I modernized the instruments a little bit to "finish" it. Then I used the Vythm music visualizer...


While working on Stranger Aeons, some of the elements used escaped from a crack in the Piger Henricus and manifested in an an invisible vapor which wafted across the laboratory and settled into one of my network packet condensers.


"Adjura" is a bit of experimental music I recorded on my laptop while on a multi day train ride back in 2003. This video was produced in about 5 hours of render time by processing a video of a Mandelbrot set zoom through Stable Diffusion and some custom scripts to blend frames.


In July of 2022, I was having fun writing a synthwave track and decided to upload to my Soundcloud. In October 2022, I produced a video for it using roads and roller coasters and a heaping dose of Stable Diffusion.


A piece grappling with the topic of artificial life. Original imagery and music by Wizardhead in conjunction with nascent AI tooling of the early 21st century.