The World Is Quiet Here - Writhing Gate

The band "The World Is Quiet Here" commissioned a video for their song "Writhing Gate" which is a truly wild sonic journey, vaguely progressive metal something something, with vocals in a range between Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle) and Will Ramos (Lorna Shore).

Black Friday

I think as someone who had to live through the original Friday phenomenon, I'm entitled to do this video transformation. Thanks to the original incredible Death Metal Friday cover by Danny Dodge the stage was set for the full visceral experience of an alternate universe hellspawn Rebecca Black.


I wrote this track back about 10 years ago on my iPhone using Garageband and just recently found the file in an old backup, so I modernized the instruments a little bit to "finish" it. Then I used the Vythm music visualizer...


"Adjura" is a bit of experimental music I recorded on my laptop while on a multi day train ride back in 2003. This video was produced in about 5 hours of render time by processing a video of a Mandelbrot set zoom through Stable Diffusion and some custom scripts to blend frames.


In July of 2022, I was having fun writing a synthwave track and decided to upload to my Soundcloud. In October 2022, I produced a video for it using roads and roller coasters and a heaping dose of Stable Diffusion.