I had tried multiple times to capture the titular fabric softener spokes-bear with my special brand of imaging trickery, but the footage and color palettes and general softness of this little goblin made him among my more difficult catches.


Koyaanisqatsi is an amazing film experience. I have always loved its indifferent presentation of visuals at different timescales and levels of intimacy. I thought it would make a great subject to manipulate with cosmic horror motifs, so I edited together a few choice cuts...

Wigglemortis - "Fruit Salad"

There are few artists who communicate the idea of comfort and non-threatening as potently as Australia's own "The Wiggles", and what better way to test that theory than to shove them head first into the AI meat-grinder and see if I could turn them into something ghoulishly terrifying.

Necrolodeon - "Yenrabaoth"

Yenrabaoth, the demiurge of the Necrolodeon dimension believes that everyone in his false universe loves him without question. He is a changeling and can merge with the denizens of his realm in an ever shifting dance of paranoid confirmation. Do not let him feel your fear.

Necrolodeon - "Family Dies"

No, not my family– it's the Keatons. That beloved 1980s family from Columbus, Ohio, whose lives played out in "Family Ties" from 1982 to 1989. I've gone and done something unforgivable to them using machine learning and monstrous image prompts of the Lovecraftian flying-polyp variety

Necrolodeon - "Helmo's Happy Dance"

Tickled far beyond mortal comprehension, Helmo now lives in a liminal space that defies all precepts of reality as we experience it, where he passes the time performing these arcane movements in an effort to move through the dimensional prison that is the apocalyptic Helmo's World.

Necrolodeon - "Number 6"

I was going to add some more sixes to this one, but I think this is demented enough to get the point across. Another experiment using a fork of Disco Diffusion with optical flow warping that actually segfaulted several times, so I rendered the final video locally without that feature.

Necrolodeon - "The Slimening"

This video was discovered by SETI researchers within an analog signal on a faint carrier wave transmitting from the vicinity of a dark mass in the sky near to Proxima Centauri. It has the vague resemblance of children's television programs of the late 90s...