There are few artists who communicate the idea of comfort and non-threatening as potently as Australia's own "The Wiggles", and what better way to test that theory than to shove them head first into the AI meat-grinder and see if I could turn them into something ghoulishly terrifying.

I think we've all asked ourselves the same question at some point: are Australia's "The Wiggles" really necromantic servants of a dark power beyond mortal comprehension?

I'm not even going to argue that something isn't wrong with me, but I can at least try and even the playing field because after you watch this, something will be wrong with you too.

A little over a year ago when I was first toying with manipulating video using generative adversarial networks, I messed around with The Wiggles' Fruit Salad and had a very messy low resolution result, but it was still a lot of fun to watch.  I thought I'd update it with my new workflow and produce a more deliberately ominous sounding soundtrack.

Feast your eyes and ears upon the suggestively cannibalistic hell-show.