While working on Stranger Aeons, some of the elements used escaped from a crack in the Piger Henricus and manifested in an an invisible vapor which wafted across the laboratory and settled into one of my network packet condensers.

Wizardhead Showreel (09/22)

I've compiled a series of clips here to offer a glimpse into the work I've been doing over the past year. If you want to see more, please subscribe and get notified about new releases.


Yenrabaoth, the demiurge of the Necrolodeon dimension believes that everyone in his false universe loves him without question. He is a changeling and can merge with the denizens of his realm in an ever shifting dance of paranoid confirmation. Do not let him feel your fear.


"Adjura" is a bit of experimental music I recorded on my laptop while on a multi day train ride back in 2003. This video was produced in about 5 hours of render time by processing a video of a Mandelbrot set zoom through Stable Diffusion and some custom scripts to blend frames.


I managed to use a row-hammer technique to execute a protected memory settings change to overclock the QCCS and it triggered a qubit race-cascade-event that enabled me to briefly obtain network traffic from a forward-offset chronology, which included, among other things, this transmission.


I was having fun writing a synthwave track the other day and decided to upload to my Soundcloud. I was thinking of doing a different kind of music visualizer for it using AI, that I will post soon.


This is a piece I did exploring the structure and motion of meat processing stages through the lens of an AI model trained on features that were more personal and friendly, like doll faces and gentle palettes/gradients in place of the rather bland raw meat materials.