Brendan Baldwin

Brendan Baldwin

Official Wizardhead Merch

Official Wizardhead Merch

I went ahead and bit the bullet and set up an online store to sell official Wizardhead merchandise. If you want to support my work, please check out my wares...

Euclid - "River Pig"

The song "River Pig" by Euclid is full of memorable grooves and also has a fantastic breakdown, both experiences lending themselves to a sonic hellscape that the band had requested I attempt to portray as a reddish "Caelid-esque" (this is an Elden Ring reference that I had to look up) environment.


Koyaanisqatsi is an amazing film experience. I have always loved its indifferent presentation of visuals at different timescales and levels of intimacy. I thought it would make a great subject to manipulate with cosmic horror motifs, so I edited together a few choice cuts...

The World Is Quiet Here - "Writhing Gate"

The band "The World Is Quiet Here" commissioned a video for their song "Writhing Gate" which is a truly wild sonic journey, vaguely progressive metal something something, with vocals in a range between Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle) and Will Ramos (Lorna Shore).

Wigglemortis - "Fruit Salad"

There are few artists who communicate the idea of comfort and non-threatening as potently as Australia's own "The Wiggles", and what better way to test that theory than to shove them head first into the AI meat-grinder and see if I could turn them into something ghoulishly terrifying.

Black Friday

I think as someone who had to live through the original Friday phenomenon, I'm entitled to do this video transformation. Thanks to the original incredible Death Metal Friday cover by Danny Dodge the stage was set for the full visceral experience of an alternate universe hellspawn Rebecca Black.