Brendan Baldwin

Brendan Baldwin

ATER - Descending

I was approached by ATER to come up with a visual experience for their track "Descending" back in mid 2023. When I listened to it, with my eyes closed, I witnessed a continuum of souls being pulled down into a place of remoteness and hopeless submission to some kind of unrelenting force...

The Drood - Static Time

In this video I was trying to rip off the skin of normal life and show a tingly writhing monstrous ever present intensity of existence and then capture that vibration in the safety and timeless permanence of a recovered faded film.


This video was produced by taking timelapse videos of mushrooms growing and then processing them to reference cosmic and alien concepts. I find mushrooms particularly perfect subjects both in concept and in form, especially their growth patterns and this video is an homage to that.

The Sentinel

This is a total fantasia of trippy melting reality visuals in synthwave tones. I absolutely love the way the song came out and the video was a real joy to edit together. It just feels like something that would play on a screen at Tech Noir


I had tried multiple times to capture the titular fabric softener spokes-bear with my special brand of imaging trickery, but the footage and color palettes and general softness of this little goblin made him among my more difficult catches.