Brendan Baldwin

Brendan Baldwin

Broken Sunshine

This video came from a need to provide some visuals to a track I produced a few nights ago after being inspired by one of my all time favorite bands Slowdive while listening to some of their older recordings (Shine and Allison come to mind).

Föllakzoid - V-IIII

Domingae of Föllakzoid approached me to work with her on a visualization for a very abstract psychedelic piece with some high-concept ingredients that I wrestled with for a while before I decided to formulate the edited video we finally released.

The Ephemeral - Goliath

I am in awe of what Arizona's "The Ephemeral" are doing musically right now. So much texture and depth and experimentation. I worked very hard to create a visual narrative and experience for their music...

Official Wizardhead Merch

I went ahead and bit the bullet and set up an online store to sell official Wizardhead merchandise. If you want to support my work, please check out my wares...

Euclid - "River Pig"

The song "River Pig" by Euclid is full of memorable grooves and also has a fantastic breakdown, both experiences lending themselves to a sonic hellscape that the band had requested I attempt to portray as a reddish "Caelid-esque" (this is an Elden Ring reference that I had to look up) environment.

The Immortal Madness of Sagazan

This was a brief experiment where I applied the model I developed for Fhtagnisqatsi using a clip of the performance artist Olivier de Sagazan in the film Samsara, where he applies a clay to his head and just attacks and reforms and draws into it wildly and mercilessly.


Koyaanisqatsi is an amazing film experience. I have always loved its indifferent presentation of visuals at different timescales and levels of intimacy. I thought it would make a great subject to manipulate with cosmic horror motifs, so I edited together a few choice cuts...