My love of heavy metal started with the 80s thrash bands like Metallica, Testament and Overkill.  When I first heard Fusion Bomb's revitalizing take on the genre, I was totally taken in.

The band contacted me with some general motifs and suggestions about movements and surrealist imagery but more or less just asked me to go to town on the song.  My intent with the video was manifold:

  • Try to match the pace and intensity of the song and its angular changes in each scene
  • Use imagery that connected with the lyrical concepts
  • Go full color, in homage to dayglo shock colors of the 1980s, to do my part to help resurrect any dormant spirits of the formative era of thrash (no cheating making everything black and white!)

The end result of this is a hectic scatter-brained rollercoaster ride on the back of a thrashing hell-steed.  Enjoy!