I was approached by ATER to come up with a visual experience for their track "Descending" back in mid 2023. When I listened to it, with my eyes closed, I witnessed a continuum of souls being pulled down into a place of remoteness and hopeless submission to some kind of unrelenting force manipulating and consuming them.

Something beyond hell, more alien and incomprehensible.

It's part entity and part realm and all nightmare.

I explored representing a visitation of this place in many attempts, by assembling structures like tunnels and fractal spaces, then applying diffusion approaches to embed faces and body forms into the walls and shapes of the environment.  I also wanted constant motion, swirling and undulating, to imply this is an active and conscious experience for the unfortunate denizens.

Floating faces and limbs, joined together in a weave of horrors. This is that content you came here fore!

This final version is one I feel deeply connected to and unsettled by, and I hope it becomes a place for others to visit and contemplate again and again as I do.

Trivia: I specifically wanted to create a section of the video for the climax of the song where one face would specifically and intimately address the camera and the most effective way to produce that shot was for me to capture myself with my webcam and use motion effects around it to trigger the flaying of my flesh, so when you see this guy in the video, don't forget to say hi!

It's-a-me, Wizario!

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