The legendary Mike Browning and I connected early on when I started doing video work because of a shared love of things in the AI/Metal/Eldritch/VFX space. So it was natural that when Nocturnus AD was looking for a video producer for their song CephaloGod with the whole giant Cthulhoid squidmonster thing, Wizardhead would be a good fit.

This is CephaloGod DNA btw.

This was a tricky video in some sense because it has a full minute before the music comes in and there was no band footage to manipulate for that time. So I got to work generating hundreds of experimental Cthulhoid clips and monsters and environments.

Are those humanoid fingers mixed in with that abomination? Hell yes they are. CephaloGod DNA fuses with all DNA and corrupts your sanity. No joke.

I didn't want to cheat with this video and do black-and-white, because Nocturnus' visual aesthetic is more full color and in-your-face, so I tried to achieve a visual consistency through the video by keeping the number of diffusion models to a small set.

Mike Browning is actually a really nice guy.

I think in the end, this is big wet hot mess of eldritch slime and chaos, but I do hope that it's fitting with the song itself and the expectations of Nocturnus fans for the kind of hi-octane sci-fi-horror roller coaster.