Official Wizardhead Merch

I went ahead and bit the bullet and set up an online store to sell official Wizardhead merchandise. If you want to support my work, please check out my wares...

Wizardhead Showreel (09/22)

I've compiled a series of clips here to offer a glimpse into the work I've been doing over the past year. If you want to see more, please subscribe and get notified about new releases.

Showing my work

So this totally self-imposed pressure has been building up and I've decided that the best way to relieve it is to set aside pretense and secrecy and start documenting my journey out in the open...

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While I regularly post to many social media platforms, a lot of them (I’m looking at you, Facebook) are artificially restricting the reach of posts unless the page pays and I’m not going to pay to get people who already follow me to see my posts...

Hello World Eater 💀

A hacker employed by the world’s largest corporation discovers that the artificial intelligence at the center of it is invisibly taking control of everyone’s minds until he meets a ghost who helps him see everything in a different light.
The Coalescence Method

The Coalescence Method

I am writing this to share the positive nature of what this approach has done for me and to recommend to anyone else with similar struggles, having a million different projects, all unfinished, with the same kind of desperation at feeling like they’ll never get finished or launched or whatever.