I have a soft-spot for the cinematic presentation of the "deathcore" sound.  Every song a journey which inevitably faces a breakdown that escapes the realm of groove and takes you straight into an intimate form of exquisite conceptual punishing transformation that makes you vibe in a kind of stasis. It's a unique reversal of approach on the trance that groove induces and is very singular in its effect across other genres of music.

The song "River Pig" by Euclid is full of memorable grooves and also has a fantastic breakdown, both experiences lending themselves to a sonic hellscape that the band had requested I attempt to portray as a reddish "Caelid-esque" (this is an Elden Ring reference that I had to look up) environment.  They had some great footage of them performing the song in a kind of forest/fort environment (it turned out to be a paintball course) which was shot by Eric DiCarlo which I cut and rearranged and then fed to the silicon demon that vomits out these splendid images.

I went with a more mutated flesh and blood world than the burning dryness of Caelid, mostly to account for the chaotic nature of the current state of the rendering tools and to give the whole experience something a bit more visceral and unsettling.  Plus, what's a better "river" image for a deathcore masterpiece like this than a river of blood!?

Enjoy "River Pig"...