I am in awe of what Arizona's "The Ephemeral" are doing musically right now. So much texture and depth and experimentation. I worked very hard to create a visual narrative and experience for their music, attempting to give the viewer a visceral journey that followed the vibe of the sounds as they happened.

I'll be honest when I say that working on this took a lot out of me to make it happen in the timeframe we had as I had actually worked quite a bit on a totally different take on it that did not come together right and so the resulting video here is a literal fever dream and vision quest all rolled into one. In some ways, that's really how a lot of their music is too, so it's simpatico at least in that sense.

I go through a lot of emotions watching this one and there are a lot of loose threads in it for me but every time I watch it, I follow a different one and get a new feeling and that's actually pretty cool. I must have listened to the song a hundred times making the video and it never actually got old to me.

I hope you dig this video half as much as I dig the music.