I've been wanting to do a Christmas video for a while and Mariah Carey's overplayed mega-hit was begging for a special treatment. I actually invested quite a bit of time into this one, but I also really didn't want to overdo it because of the copyrights issues around big name songs like this one. I wasn't even sure when I was done that I'd be able to post it anywhere. As a result, it's super messy and has a bit of a impressionistic vibe.

It turns out I couldn't get it played on Facebook at all, and it was blocked on YouTube by a Copyright claim. However, it must have been the spirit of Christmas that enabled YouTube copyright process to be overlooked by her music rights lawyers around Christmastime, but there was no action in the required window on the fair use copyright dispute I filed before the holiday and this actually went live and is still live as of today! Hallelujah!

Now if that isn't the meaning of Christmas, then I don't know what is.