No, not my family– it's the Keatons.  That beloved family from Columbus, Ohio, whose lives played out on CBS television's "Family Ties" from 1982 to 1989.  I've gone and done something unforgivable to them using machine learning and monstrous image prompts of the Lovecraftian flying-polyp variety.

"Tina Yothers" has become "Tina Others"

Something I tried this time around was using AI-generated music.  In this case I actually only partially used AI music, starting at the chorus of the famous Without Us theme.  In this case it was the result of getting OpenAI's Jukebox to produce clips in the style of the band "Type O Negative".

I ran a server for about 48 hours churning on that job and when this bit came out, I was really excited.  Apart from the low fidelity, the musicality of the clip really struck me– like, "damn that's a great hook!"  I imagine Peter Steele (rest in peace) approving of it and would probably have his band record an official version if was still alive.

I hadn't produced a video for myself in a while, having been focusing on collaborations and commissions recently, and I was desperate to do something, so this exploded, completely ill-conceived and haphazardly, from that urging need.