The band Devolution and I worked together to conceive of imagery for a one-of-a-kind lyric video for their latest release "Victim of You".  This was the first lyric-oriented video I've produced since beginning to work with VQGAN and diffusion toolkits.

So many learnings along the way and a lot of rendered batches never made it out of /dev/null.  The end result I think was well worth the effort.  There were so many ingredients here, but my overall intent was to create a mixture of an ethereal limbo and otherworldly storm to correspond to the overall musical and lyrical theme of the song.

I think even with this simple approach the end result is effectively entrancing and mood-setting, aiding the song in its goal to reach the listener conceptually and emotionally.

Devolution - Victim of You feat. Cristian Machado, Jon Howard, Christian Olde Wolbers, & Misstiq

Written & Performed by Devolution
Video Directed and Produced by: Wizardhead

Music Produced & Mixed by Dr. Mike @ EOL Studios

Drums tracked by Will Beasley & edited by Tommy Harton @ Will Beasley Recording

Mastered by Ted Jensen @ Sterling Sound

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Video Premiere Date: July 1, 2022
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